Safety Rules July 2021 (pdf for printing)


  1. Any SCRAP Officer(s)/Director(s) reserve(s) the right, in its sole discretion, to deny admission to any person or vehicle, or to require any person or vehicle to leave, without refunding admission or registration fees.
  2. No alcoholic beverages allowed on show grounds.
  3. Pets allowed only at campsites and leashed.
  4. Fires to be contained in fire rings or grills (camper to provide). Should weather conditions necessitate, fires may be prohibited during the show. This will be determined and warranted as necessary.
  5. Fire lanes must be kept open at all times, no parking in Fire Lanes. This includes drives in camping, flea market, tractor display, around red and gray barns, auction and log cabin areas.
  6. Extension cords are not to be run where anyone could trip on them or be driven over.
  7. Food vendors are required to provide adequate fire extinguishers for their area.
  8. Display vehicles loaded with machinery, trucks or other items during the show must have the load securely fastened.
  9. Engines will not be operated during the show unless the owner or a person designated by the owner is in close attendance.
  10. No motor vehicles of any kind in the flea market area between 8 AM and 5 PM, except electric personal assistive mobility devices.
  11. Golf carts must have lights if driven after dark and only have as many passengers as there are seats for. No standing riders permitted.
  12. Slow Moving Vehicle Signs (SMV) for all agricultural tractors and farm machinery that are operated off White Star grounds (i.e. parades from the fairgrounds to White Star and through Gibsonburg, etc.) that has any affiliation with SCRAP must have a properly mounted SMV sign (per state law ORC Sec. 4501.01).
  13. Loading/Unloading of any equipment is not recommended after dark. Get a helper and keep all others at a safe distance. If assistance is needed ask a SCRAP member.
  14. All equipment with steel lugs or spade lugs will not be allowed on any blacktop or other hard surface.
  15. Adjustments should not be made while equipment is moving or operating. If adjustments need to be made while equipment is in operation, use extreme caution. Always have others help you.
  16. All belted equipment shall be roped off and all sharp protrusions such as sickle bars and forks on loaders must be protected. The operator is responsible for the safety of the equipment and people are a safe distance away.
  17. Fuel tanks must be capped. Fuel leaks are grounds for barring entry to the show, or the removal by towing from the show grounds. Clean‐up of fuel spills will be at the owner’s expense. When fueling engines, keep in mind the following:
  18. Fuel should be kept in approved containers only. NO GLASS!!
  19. When refueling engine, it must be shut off and preferably cooled off.
    1. If unable to shutoff and cool off, then use extreme caution and have a standby fire extinguisher and know how to use it.
  20. No smoking or other open fire while refueling.
  21. All operators of tractors, other motorized equipment and vehicles:
    1. Must be 16 years old and over. (Exception: Junior Tractor Pull on Sunday at White Star Park on the tractor‐pulling track).
    2. Must know how to operate same. We understand operators must have an opportunity to learn, but feel that show hours are not the place for teaching the operations of equipment.
    3. Must operate in a safe and cautious manner at all times. No horseplay or speeding will be allowed.
    4. Operate at a maximum speed of 4 mph (fast walk).
    5. Will only operate vehicles/equipment at night with lighting adequate for driver and others around him/her to see and be seen (Handheld flashlights are not adequate lighting).
  22. We recommend only one person per tractor.
    1. Unless a second person can be safely accommodated and the owner takes full responsibility.
    2. At no time, will there be any more than two (2) allowed on a tractor.
    3. Also no riding in the bucket, on fender or axles is permitted.
  23. No motor bikes, ATVs, scooters, or bicycles permitted on show grounds (day or night).
  24. We want a safe show for our exhibitors and public. We believe that by using common sense and following the above rules, we will have a safe and fun show.
  25. If you see a situation that needs corrective action taken, do not hesitate to bring it to the attention of an officer or director of the club. You may also report any problems to the announcer at the entertainment tent or registration booth (little red barn) or a park ranger.


Thank you.

Have a Happy and Safe Show

The Officers and Directors

S.C.R.A.P. INC. (Review 2021)