Sandusky County Restorers of Antique Power

Tractor Pull Rules

Tractor Pull Rules (2018) pdf for Printing


  1. All Pull Committee decisions are final including situations not included in these rules.
  2. No driver under 18 years old. 16 and 17-year-olds allowed with written permission from parent or guardian. These 3 pulls only -June, July & Oct. – 12 year olds with tractor experience with their own tractor and written permission may pull in Antique Classes ONLY.
  3. Antique and Classic may be up to 1956, Must Be Stock. Semi-Modified 1959 and older.
  4. Pull Days – tractor will be in either Antique or Semi Modified, NOT BOTH. All tractors must weigh out and have draw bar height checked.
  5. Tractor may pull in more than one class, but no more than 2 pulls per tractor. Tractor can win twice only with different drivers.
  6. Stock engines only! Top 3 tractors per class may be checked for RPMs.
  7. No manual over-riding of governors. (1 0% over standard engine speed only)
  8. One restart within 20 ft. of pull attempt.
  9. 3 MPH speed limit for antique, 5 MPH for semi-modified.
  10. Pullers obey flagman.
  11. No jerking-start with a tight chain.
  12. No use of torque amplifier, except in semi-modified classes.
  13. Tractor must stay in boundaries.
  14. Tractors will be stopped if holes are dug.
  15. Unsafe operator will be disqualified.
  16. Drivers must stay on the seat with one hand on the steering wheel.
  17. Raising front end over 30″ during pull – you will be disqualified.
  18. No fuel leaks. Tractors will be safety inspected.
  19. 2 Wheel drive only. No duals or chains. Steel wheels will pull Exhibition last in the class.
  20. Antique Classes must have OEM recommended diameter rims and OEM wheels. Tires must be on rim width, not exceeding tire manufacturers recommended width, except in semi-modified classes. NO CUT, SHAVED, GROUND EDGES or RADIALS.
  21. 18″ maximum height of solid hitch or draw bar.
  22. 18″ minimum draw bar length from center of axle to hitching point.
  23. No turbo or blowers in any class.
  24. Any parts falling off tractor during pull will disqualify tractor.
  25. Antique Classes – No external weights allowed. Additional mounted farm related equipment or weights and or brackets – you will need to enter in semi-modified classes.
  26. Arguing or foul language will disqualify driver.
  27. No alcoholic beverages before, during or after pull.
  28. All hitches must be made stabilized with struts to not allow rotation. Clevis must be bolted fast (to not allow swinging) – bolted not pinned.
  29. Mandatory Functional Kill Switch must be installed on tractor. (No switch, No pulling)
  30. Fenders and Wheelie bars suggested in ALL classes.
  31. NO REFUNDS after close of Registration

Revised Jan., 2018 ,