Sandusky County Restorers of Antique Power

Summer 2018 Newsletter

S.C.R.A.P., INC.

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Greetings to everyone. We are getting close to the opening day of the 2018 Fall Show, and things are falling in place. The Officers and Directors have arranged for food vendors, daytime entertainment, shuttle rides to and from the parking lot, camping, fire protection, yesteryears’ equipment demonstrations, parking, ticket sellers and security during the show. Yep, it’s a four-day show, but it takes over a year to make it all happen. Some of these preparations started during the show last year.

For example, Nancy Campbell and her crew went to each campsite last year and asked for 2018 campsite requests. Some of you may notice there is a number after your name on the address label. That number means you requested and paid for a site for the 2018 show. That is your campsite number. Bring this newsletter with your number on the label with you when you bring your camper onto the grounds after 3:30 on Wednesday. Any questions on camping can be directed to Nancy Campbell at 419-463-0538.

It has long been a Club rule that anyone who exhibits at the show must be a member of the Club and possess a current membership card. Exhibitors should bring their exhibits in by Thursday evening, as the show starts Friday. You can register your exhibit at the red Membership Barn and receive your Exhibitors’ packet. Be prepared to show your membership card or to purchase a Membership at the time you bring your camper onto the grounds. In addition, anyone camping on the grounds during the show must be an exhibitor.

We limit camping to exhibitors only. This keeps the number of campers and/or tents on the grounds down to the Health Department approved # of campsites.

The Club website has a Membership Form you can download and print for your Membership. Mail it with a check to the above address, and we will process it and mail your wallet cards out to you. However, after Thursday, August 23, no membership cards will be mailed out due to time delay in mailing before the show. A yearly S.C.R.A.P. Membership is $15 and gives you one vote in the Election of Officers and Directors each year. When you purchase your membership, you are also eligible for a second card that can be named to a spouse, child, grandchild, another relative, or a friend. It expires on December 31 of each year. Showing your wallet cards at the gate is your entry to the show. You can come and go as many times as you want with no additional costs. Buying a membership saves you some bucks, too! For example, if you plan on coming every day of the show, you will pay a $4.00 entry fee each day. Your spouse will also pay $4.00 per day. If you buy a membership for $15, you and your spouse can use your cards each day you come in the gate. You’ll save $l7 for four days, and that’s a sweet deal!

Exhibits are a huge part of our show. We welcome as many pieces of equipment to be put on display as we can set on the grounds. Yes, we understand that there were untold thousands of plows, balers and harvesters produced in years’ past. And yes, there were even more tractors sold to operate them with. And let’s not forget the horse-drawn equipment! Yep, that John Deere G, or 8N Ford out in your barn is just one of the many that were made just like yours. BUT THAT ONE IS YOURS! Here is a suggestion made by Bill Seibert you may want to consider: It has been mentioned by some visitors in past years that they like reading the extra information on some of the tractors and equipment on display. It would be appreciated by many people if you would write a little something about your exhibit. For example:

“This 1949 Oliver tractor was bought new by my Grandfather (name), and used for IS’ years as the main power for his farm. In 1989, it was retired to the shed, and in 2006 my Dad and I restored it. We now use it for wagon rides during our family picnics.”

This is just one example of something that could be written up. It’s your tractor and your story – tell it! Maybe add a black and white photo as well to share with others. Type it up, laminate it or put it in a zip-lock bag, and zip tie it to your tractor or whatever piece of equipment you are displaying. Try it, and see what happens. This will distinguish YOUR display from the others around it.

During the corn harvest last fall a crew of guys loaded up a wagon full of corn shocks which will be used to demonstrate the shelling of ear corn with tractor belt-driven shellers. At the end of this year’s wheat harvest, some pretty determined guys ignored the heat and loaded wheat tied into sheaves onto two wagons and they will thresh it out during the show. Bring your family to see real demonstrations of farming practices from days gone by.